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VALORANT Patch 2.06 MASSIVE Yoru & Viper Buffs – New Gameplay & Skin Variants

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Opinions of people in Patch 2.06:

Mert Bince

Viper wasnt as weak as everyone says. Its more that other characters take the spotlight. She is very fun but these changes are too much i feel like. She can get 2 snakebites on pistol so if she becomes meta with snakebite lineups its gonna be hard to take pistol as a defender if they plant and she is still alive. I dont want these buffs to result in a snakebite price increase in the future.

Ruben Jacome

i honestly think these buff and nerfs were too strong, bucky now its way to underpower and viper and yoru way too op.

Myth Mage

Viper changes are great, and should really make her a better agent and also one I might play now Yoru changes really help my personal play style with the agent, which is a bit more passive and defensive, so obviously I’m going to love it. Congratulations, Valorant community. You have killed the 1 fucking weapon that was viable that wasn’t a rifle or the Op. Nice. Nice job requesting nerfs to a weapon that didn’t need it just because you can’t deal with a fucking shotgun, which you people say is absolutely braindead, then you swap to it and you get fucking rolled. Nice job.


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