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Valorant patch 2.07 features Astra now being able to pull enemies off the Spike



Valorant patch 2.07 is here. Despite not being as beefy as the previous patch 2.06 that featured major Viper buffs (and some for Yoru), patch 2.07 makes a pretty big adjustment for Astra. Valorant patch 2.07 also includes a bug fix for Viper, as well as a neat update for Raze that goes in the favor of her enemies.

Astra Receives Buffed Gravity Well

One of Astra’s abilities is her Gravity Well. Upon placing one of her stars on the map she can turn it into a Gravity Well that pulls in enemies in the vicinity. Patch 2.07 now allows the Gravity Well to also pull enemies off of Spikes mid-defuse. This naturally, interrupts the defuse, making it a nightmare to defuse the Spike when Astra is left alive.

Gravity Well

– Now pulls Agents that are defusing the Spike

– If they are pulled out of defuse range, the defuse will be interrupted

Viper and Raze

Following the Viper buff, a bug emerged in which some shots would not result in a kill when an enemy was afflicted with decay. Most notably, a Marshall shot that should be lethal would drop the enemy’s health to 1. This was addressed in patch 2.07.

– Fixed a bug when calculating if damage taken while decayed should be lethal for players with armor.

– Most noticeably, this was causing Marshal shots when the target was decayed 50 to reduce the enemy to 1 health instead of killing them.

Meanwhile, Raze has received a slight nerf of sorts. More specifically, a new audio cue has been added that reveals to the enemies when she used a Blast Pack to boost herself. Meanwhile, her Ultimate VFX is less “obscuring”, making it less in-your-face than before.

– Audio cues added to indicate when she’s boosted in the air from Blast Pack

– Explosion and Showstopper launching VFX updated so they are less obscuring and clear out of the play space faster

Valorant patch 2.07 did not include any changes to the weaponry. However, it does include a few glitches in the game, including Agent changes as well as fixes to competitive in general. You can read the full patch notes over on the official Valorant blog.

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