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After the final two heavy patches (guess which one was fake), we’re coming at you lighter this time. That being stated the Astra and Raze adjustments ought to carry some severe weight for the Spike plant/defuse window and predicting incoming assaults, respectively.Viper is technically a bug repair not a stability, however this repair alters barely the potential energy of her recent Decay buff.Take a glance.

AGENT UPDATES IN valorant patch


Astra will get a fast increase this patch centered on eradicating a counterintuitive rule the place her Gravity Well doesn’t have an effect on these defusing the Spike. We need to try to maintain our skill interactions as constant and straightforward to study as potential and assist you to discover methods to leverage Agent talents with out operating into sudden partitions. We suppose this replace can create some attention-grabbing interactions submit plant the place enemies attempt to bait out the Gravity Well and mess around its cooldown. As all the time, we’ll control her new post-plant impression total.

Gravity Well 

  • Now pulls Agents which can be defusing the Spike
  • If they’re pulled out of defuse vary, the defuse will likely be interrupted



Raze mains have discovered to fly (like a butterfly within the sky) up to now and so quick with their Blast Packs that it’s not unusual to listen to an explosion within the distance after which all of a sudden have an enemy Raze fly across the nook. Similar to Jett’s Tailwind, we’re including a sound connected to Raze as she flies by the air that ought to enable you higher monitor her motion, and provide you with some heads up that hazard is perhaps on the best way. Along with that, we’ve taken a move on a few of her skill VFX, in an try to cut back how a lot they obscure fight when exploding on the battlefield.

  • Audio cues added to point when she’s boosted within the air from Blast Pack
  • Explosion and Showstopper launching VFX up to date so they’re much less obscuring and filter out of the play house sooner.



After digging into reviews about Marshal photographs not killing enemies that had taken 50 decay, we found a bug tied to the best way the sport determines if taking injury needs to be deadly on decayed targets with armor at particular well being breakpoints. We suppose the bugged interplay with the Marshal was by far the most typical, however we’ll watch how this bug repair impacts the just lately buffed Viper’s total energy.

  • Fixed a bug when calculating if injury taken whereas decayed needs to be deadly for gamers with armor.
    • Most noticeably, this was inflicting Marshal photographs when the goal was decayed 50 to cut back the enemy to 1 well being as a substitute of killing them.
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  • Improved really feel of ping wheel choice device; this could now really feel extra predictable to make use of
  • Cypher Tripwires now show to Observers with related staff shade


  • Fixed situation the place spectators and observers may typically see incorrect purpose vectors for scoped-in sniper rifles when switching between views. The incorrect view would settle to the right place over about 1 second. The appropriate view now instantly reveals.


  • Yoru can now not plant the Spike after utilizing Gatecrash whereas his Dimensional Shift is energetic
  • Fixed an unintended dome within the sky that Astra noticed if she got here out of Astral type whereas Omen is ulting
  • Fixed a bug the place inserting Killjoy’s turret subsequent to Sage’s Barrier Orb would typically break it
  • Cypher can now not place Spycam in Cyber Cage projectiles
  • Fixed situation the place Killjoy’s disbabled Alarmbots would chase distant targets that ran by them when it was re-enabled
  • Fixed situation the place Skye’s Guiding Light appeared to go underground when thrown immediately down


  • Fixed numerous localization points with the server selector and the promotion display screen
  • Fixed a bug that was inflicting the Match History filter to perform incorrectly
    • When viewing a good friend’s Match History, it’s potential to get an error message as the results of viewing too many filters too shortly. This restrict is in place to assist with efficiency, however ought to solely occur when viewing a good friend’s profession.


  • Fixed a bug the place gamers must restart shopper to rid themselves of their aggressive queue restriction after their restriction ended
  • Fixed a bug the place some gamers weren’t penalized for being AFK after a match ended throughout remakes
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers utilizing a Russian keyboard had been having points with social gathering push to speak
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers who swapped to Thai keyboard had their voice chat settings reset.


  • Valorant should fix compi afk penalty time of 7 days to max 3 days cuz some ppl have wifi and electricity problems and am one of them T-T.
  • We gotta number comp royale yeah valorant we bout to get down get down ten kills on the board right now just wiped icebox just now Oh no my skye just got downed sage revived her now we’re heading bind bound now we are in the split streets look at the map go fight the enemies take me to your PC to play valorant today you can take me to catwalk but not site a I really want to Ultimate with you we could be pro radiant gamers pro radiant gamers.
  • This is full of crap, the gravity well isn’t for defence but for offence, clearly this video has no research since you only gravity well on the bomb once you plant it: ON THE ATTACKER SIDE!
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