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we’re going to talk about a brand new gun exploit that might be breaking the meta as we know it at least according to xcs go pro caster extraordinaire lother on twitter and tick tock he’s been breaking down how now the stinger and the bulldog have a specific exploit that riot needs.

to fix right now at least according to him so let’s play his video first off where he explains what’s going on what’s happening with these weapons and then we’re gonna break it down even further and talk about what this means for you in your games and should you be using these weapons or abusing this attack before it gets patched out now let’s roll it right here hello everyone new meta ahead of us at least i think so when it comes to stinger and bulldog the quick burst is insanely accurate even though you might be moving left right and peeking corners you do something like this you do a writ rhythmic right click left click and you unclick right click right.

after you shot right after you shoot so basically you try to achieve this but super fast like this and this essentially gives your stinger and bulldog 100 accuracy while trying also to be corners this way now you can do it even faster and it’s super effective with bulldog on head level but with the stinger you you aim at the waist because you have super high consistent damage so basically he’s explaining the tech or what’s happening right now is if you’re quick scoping essentially a quick scoping with the bulldog and stinger you are basically being first shot accurate from any amount of ranges with these weapons now this is not the way that it’s supposed to be there’s actually supposed to be quite a bit of  recoil quite a bit
of inaccuracy with the weapons but that’s just not true with what’s going on right now now of course you have to bind it .

so that you have hold to scope you don’t want to have toggle to scope and i’m going to tell you how to bind it even easier in a second or lothar is going to explain it yourself but this is incredibly powerful for a number of reasons however let’s break down how to bind it first and then we’re going to dig right into it do you guys remember my reina instant dismiss trick well i figured out that it can work with another broken thing that i posted today on my twitter and it’s uh the alternate fire with stinger and bulldog take a look at this in the round when you’re gonna play the bulldog or the stinger you just bind your alternate fire to left click so you have fire and alternate fire at the same time and then you should fully accurate with the instant ads like this is insanely broken this is insanely broken it has to be fixed riot you can do that with bulldog as well insanely broken.

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now before we proceed please go to the gaming website down below to support the channel so that we can keep making content but let’s get back to the video now this really makes the stinger very accurate from incredibly far away the bulldog gets to jiggle peak and even delete vandom and phantom users because it has a essential first shot accurate beam that happens almost instantaneously and as lothar showed you could jiggle peek a corner and effectively completely delete pretty much anyone with the bulldog and that is something that is probably not in the design for the weapon so we have a bulldog that does a pseudo full rifle by impression and a stinger that for a super cheap gun can actually beam from incredibly far away now i don’t think that this just fundamentally destroys the game but it really disrupts the power balance of what the weapons are supposed to do the stinger should not be accurate from that far away .


the bulldog should be inferior in the straight head-to-head up against the other rifles because it’s so much cheaper but that’s just not the case now there were some replies in the reddit thread where he posted all this stating this wouldn’t pressing down both mouse buttons at once accomplished the same thing and lotha responded himself stating if you practice having it absolutely nailed down every time yes otherwise it takes no effort with the double bind so basically using the double bind is absolutely free with these weapons and it makes it so they are just a lot more powerful than definitely intended by ry in the first place now i definitely think that this is something that you’re probably gonna want to do assuming that this doesn’t get patched out right away it could get hotfixed immediately with lothar saying that riot needs to hotfix this right away which i don’t know if they’re actually gonna do it seems all of them are on holiday or on some beach somewhere right now as evident by the past two patches but not joking aside they honestly deserve it but i don’t necessarily think that this is gonna get patched out right away and it’s something that you should probably do in your games because if everyone knows about it you should probably be using it and at the very least experiment around with it and tell me what you think down below do you think that it’s really busted and powerful or do you think it’s really not that big of a deal or it’s a little bit overblown i really want to know your opinion about all that and why now special shout out to lothar who found this exploit.

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