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Patch Notes
Patch Cover Valorant 1.09


The Operator is encountering its transitioning film. In any case, before you get all “look how they slaughtered my kid” on us, let one of our lead creators walk you through our examination. There are likewise some fundamental weapon updates to change your precision subsequent to arriving from a bounce. Five Agents get the crush,...Read More
Patch Cover Valorant

Valorant 1.10 Patch Notes are now available!

Riot Games has released Valorant patch notes 1.10. Players will now be ready to play on Icebox while the competitive mode undergoes some changes. Patch 1.10 has just been deployed to Valorant. It doesn’t contain tons of changes, but players will now be ready to play on the fresh map, unveiled a couple of days ago, Icebox. additionally , competitive mode matchmaking has been revised and Deathmatch...Read More


Alright, a full patch this time. Killjoy gets her first major update, which should empower more counterplay against her Nanoswarm, as well as reduce its damage. Viper, Breach, Sova, and Sage also get some worthy changes. All shotguns get their aimpunch and tagging tuned, you can choose to remake a match (under certain conditions), lots...Read More


We’re back and we hope you’ve clocked many hours into Act II, are showing off your Act Rank and clicking heads with Killjoy. Consider this the “Air Shotgun” patch. Some bug fixes below, too. AGENT UPDATES The audio and visuals for blinding effects (Phoenix Curveball and Breach Flashpoint) should better indicate when to turn away, and when it’s safe...Read More

VALORANT PATCH NOTES 1.04 Bad News Raze Nerfed

How about those Elderflame weapon skins? At least they weren’t cake. Hope you caught some of that VALORANT fan art, too. On to this patch. Four Agents get some polish, with Viper coming away with a series of buffs, including a per second increase of her decay against enemies. You’re also gonna have to work a...Read More