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Valorant Players’ Opinions Cyber Katana & StatTrak Skins


Opinion 1: Valorant Curios


I was gonna say 10 out of 10 but it’s like 8.5 or 9 out of 10 just because of the gun selection and the fact you have to pay 10x to radiate for the kill counter kill counter is a bonus to me i think it looks cool not a huge deal to me but to others you know it might matter a lot of gibberish at the end.

Opinion 2:

I was more interested to look at the ion phantom and reaver op in his shop.

Opinion 3:

The only good thing about this bundle is how the spinning thing inside the gun spins faster, thats it.

Opinion 4:

Good thing about radianite points is that if you grind and save, you can get 200+ easily from the battlepass.

Opinion 5:

I absolutely dislike a 5th level. I’m okay with it being an optional level for 10RP. It only shows ingame and doesn’t even keep track after the game for you to view in the collection how many total kills you have like in CS. I know people don’t like constantly hearing comparisons with CS but its a similar yet downgraded idea from CS. It sucks that a 5th level will start being a norm. It punishes people who want to use variants yet don’t care about kill counter. Radianite is already a scam itself to force you to buy the battlepass or be a whale and buy 80 radianite for 4800 VP. This is coming from a regular spender but fuck that.

Opinion 6:

I also don’t like how they made it to level 5 upgrade, but because I always liked how they make skins both in league and valorant, I think I won’t be hating them because of that because they’re not like EA for example where the skins are just staright trash

Opinion 7:

Bro this game should change the skin designer or get some new designer I know its not the same guys that make a reaver,I disappointed with valorant go 2 and now it happen again, i dont know what theme it is,because the designers they put 2-3 themes in one skin.If the theme was like hi-tech like ion it should be more clean at the body like ion but This shits look like Sci-fi gun with a little technology and the wasteland with the Christmas LED light .and the kill counter should be a skin kills not in game kills.tbh the katana have a good animation shoutout to animation team bro NOT DESIGNER .

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Opinion 8:

I am so jealous right now. I want to own a good vandal and knife skin but I can’t buy it as I don’t have money and I try winning valorant points from giveaways but my luck sucks 😭. Anyways nice video. Love u man keep us posted about all the valorant new and other stuff

Opinion 9:

There are free radianite tho, i dont buy radianite and i have all the animation upgrade i want, all free just from playing and unlocking the battlepass. heck you dont even need to buy a battle pass so uhm its not that much of a deal.

Opinion 10:

I agree, why they didnt include the kill counter inside one of the level upgrades. radianites are fking expensive. i wish there’s an option that you can turn off the kill counter.

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