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Valorant Update 1.11 Full Patch Notes | You can enjoy, new agent now!




  • Skye will be accessible for use in official esports rivalry (e.g., First Strike) following fourteen days in Competitive line (November 9, excepting any issues).


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Flash Tuning: The fade out of the flash debuff remains the same duration but now fades slower at the start.

Initiators make concentrated windows of amazingly high danger to enable their groups to break onto locales. To this end, we are marginally expanding the term of debuffs from some Initiator capacities (generally streaks). Our objective here is to build the open-door window that Initiator’s colleagues need to exploit their utility and further separate Initiators from Duelists.


  • Full flash time increased from 1.75 >>> 2.


Like a portion of the progressions we made with Sage, we need to build the profundity of dynamic when playing Sentinels while likewise furnishing adversaries with more counterplay to “trap” capacities. To decrease the absolute possible effect of these capacities, self-ruling snares are currently crippled when the deployer passes on (e.g., Cipher’s Trapwire handicaps when Cipher bites the dust). We need to urge Sentinel players to play all the more insightfully and cautiously around their snares while expanding the award for taking out the Sentinel player.


cypher banner


  • Disabled and revealed upon death


Spy Camera

  • Disabled and revealed upon death


killjoy banner

Killjoy is most effective when locking down a single site. Killjoy has to stay near her Turret and Alarmbot for them to remain active. Her global recon should be hit pretty hard here but we have slightly boosted her stalling power to counterbalance that nerf. All in all, we hope to keep Killjoy in a very similar place power wise but give her a stronger identity as the premiere on-site defender.

Deactivation Range

  • Alarmbot and Turret now deactivate if she is more than 40m away from them—reentering the 40m range reactivates her little friends.



  • Cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 10 seconds



  • Range at which Alarmbot can be detected decreased from 9m >>> 7m
  • Cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 7 seconds
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  • Range at which Nanoswarm can be detected decreased from 5m >>> 3.5m
  • Damage increased from 40/s >>> 45/s
  • Damage now ticks smoother and faster while in Nanoswarm, instead of in chunks of 10 every ¼ of a second




  • Icebox enters the Competitive map rotation

Icebox will be available for use in official esports competition (e.g., First Strike) after four weeks in Competitive queue.

  • Shorter Unrated queue times for the highest-rank players.

We’ve taken steps to further solve issues for elite players experiencing long queue times for Unrated. We’re also further investigating improvements to reducing long queue times for all primary modes.

  • Added location of the current gamepod to the loading screen for all modes
  • Adjusted Combat Score to factor in non-damaging assists.


  • Fixed one source of combat hitches we’ve seen from player reports

We’re proceeding to examine the battle hitches that players have been announcing in late fixes. This fix incorporates a fix for one of the most well-known hitches that we’ve seen during battle. While we trust that this will settle the issue for a considerable lot of you, we’re still effectively finding a couple different hitches that we’ve seen from your clasps Jett now can’t rope dash lel

  • Fixed a bug where incoming Party invites would remain active in the Social Panel after being declined
  • Players no longer see the spike location when reconnecting to a game
  • Fixed issue where player corpses could cause collision issues
  • Sage wall segments no longer breaks if a player dies on top of them
  • Fixed a bug that would disable queueing for any mode if a player closed the client during the Match Found countdown.
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying Act Rank badge on the MVP screen outside of Competitive Queue.


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