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Valorant Weapons Guide | Judge


The ACS-12 Judge is a Shotgun that is primary weapon in Valorant.


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The Judge is the most costly shotgun in the game at 1500 credits. It shoots 12 projectiles with high falloff like different shotguns. At 10 or less meters, 9 projectiles are expected to oneshot a heavily clad specialist, while every one of the 12 are required at 10-15 meters on the off chance that they strike the body. Any slugs that hit the head bargain twofold harm.

While it does less harm per slug than the Bucky, it compensates for it with its fundamentally diminished spread and higher discharge rate making the firearm considerably more sympathetic. Hunching diminishes the spread substantially more with the Judge than it does with the Bucky.


  • The Judge’s design seems to be based on the AA-12.
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