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Valorant’s Viper is Sabine: Pieces of proof


Sabine in Valorant is definitely Viper, based on the hints left within the recreation. If there are two Vipers in a match, a voiceline triggers “I am coming for you Sabine.” Omen has a voiceline that claims, “Don’t die here Sabine. I need your secrets” if there may be an allied Viper. The voiceline code, based on datamined data, reads “Play_VO_Omen_MatchStartAlly_Viper_0.”

Sage calls Viper “Delilah” in certainly one of her voicelines which might imply that Viper’s full title is Dr. Delilah Sabine. Riot Games is but to acknowledge this formally, however gamers who wish to dig into Valorant’s lore are satisfied that Sabine and Viper are one. She is without doubt one of the least performed brokers within the recreation however has a mysterious persona. Players know little or no about her backstory, and we would get extra details about the agent down the road when Riot Games expands on the story.

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