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Testimonial person playing Valorant for the first time:

Beginner to Valorant but not to FPS or bomb situation games. So i have a little bit of experience in info gathering, map awareness but that is negated with my 70 year old aim. I can’t hit heads consistently which is why every gun fight i get ultimately punished.

My Team forces me to play someone i have no clue about. It’s not like i want to main phoenix, but he was my random first game so i tried to master him first, better be good at one thing than be bad at everything. I do not know the META.

There should be an option to choose what map to play because i play split for the first 3 and then haven on the fourth which made it harder since it was a new experience. I want to master every map first.

Should you have done research before playing? Well i did not because i am a filthy casual. I have no time luxury whatsoever and only do gaming as a destresser (ironic cause it causes me even more stress).

I am not an AWPer. I am more like i dont even know myself because i play with randoms all of the time. 🙁 i have no friends who play this game.

The versus AI is horrible. So no matter how much i practice there, it’s just not the same as playing with people. To be fair, i can practice hit boxes but that’s pretty much it.

My biggest sin: thinking it is like an overwatch or call of duty game where you can rush a or b and does not suffer any major consequences to your team because you can easily respawn. This game let’s you be aware that there’s only one chance and blew it up might as well be a watcher. I’m not saying you are useless if dead cause you can still instruct or guide teammates, but it would still be better if you are there helping in the gunfight.

Toxicity: It’s always a problem in every gaming community. You need to have a pretty thick skin and not let the toxicity fill up your brain. Games are fun playing with friends, but even that is a luxury for me because i play with randoms a 100% of the time.

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People disconnecting, out of my 4 games 2 of it we are 4 v 5 because people are leaving randomly. I dont blame their ping or their connection why they cant play but the game becomes harder if you are less players.

Questionable matchmaking: In my 3rd game i’m pretty sure we just encountered a team trying to go pro. We easily get 13 – 0 and harrased in the chat or just straight up tea bagged every death.

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