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Which Duelist do you think is the best for carrying in Valorant?


Maybe some of you even favor Raze, Phoenix, or even Yoru for carrying at times. Moving into the biggest thing that stands out to me the most about Scream, and this is something that for most players isn’t going to come naturally.Scream is an incredible leader when he wants to be, but the big thing that seems different with Scream vs other players that I’ve seen, is Scream seems to set his expectations for his teammates before the round, very clearly.

For many duelists, they will just silently play their part, and get frustrated when their teammates don’t do what they’re supposed to. The thing is, if you don’t tell your teammates how to help you, they have to guess how to help you. And when you watch Scream, when he asks his teammates to execute a strat, he does it with such authority that it feels as though he is setting his expectations for what he wants his teammates to be doing, not only in just that round, but giving them an understanding of how he is going to play, and how they can support each other.

You’ll notice, when Scream asks his Sova to drone out of a position, 2 rounds in a row, the Sova just starts doing it every time they push that spot.Because Scream has set that expectation, that this is what he wants the Sova to be doing when they push. And it’s not even just with Sova players.

He’ll ask his Omen to blind, he’ll ask his Raze to grab ultimate orbs, he’ll have his Breach flash for him. Keep in mind, not only are players bad at using their utility to begin with, but they also are not capable of reading your mind.What is an obvious place to drone for you, might not be obvious for someone else. Most players in Valorant aren’t bad solo players, the thing that holds them back is normally they are bad team players.

If you’re being a good teammate, and leading with authority, it’ll not only help your team work together better, but it will give your team more confidence in the game. The most important thing to remember here though, is you want to lead your team, without coming across as being bossy. You can lead with Authority, while still being respectful of your teammates. Always try to be affirming after rounds, don’t ever try to make people feel bad for losing a round.

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Scream has a very dominant personality, and he definitely leads games with authority, but he’s not a jerk, because nobody wants to play with a jerk. Try to set the expectations for what you want your teammates to do. Where do you want them to drone, what do you want them to smoke. If you ask them to do this, multiple rounds in a row, they will start to get the picture, and become more aware of how they can assist you in the future.Moving onto the Second thing that really stood out to me from watching Scream, vs even other professional players. He seems to always be practicing his aim, even between rounds, and just trying to always keep his head in the game. If he’s not practicing his aim, he’s jumping around and practicing his movement, likely trying to just keep himself warmed up, and ready to go.

After spending all of that time before you queue into a game warming up, you’re may just go into a match and literally not see an enemy for the first 3 rounds, and that’s really going to effect how ‘warmed up’ you actually are. Now mostly we were focusing on how Scream practices his aim between rounds, but another thing I really want to comment especially for our lower rank viewers, is practicing your movement pre-rounds.Practicing your bunny hops, and your strafes, is something a lot of lower rank players neglect entirely, but will make a massive difference in your gun fights. When I spectate many low rank players, it’s very apparent they don’t feel confident in their movement, and it’s definitely holding them back. This doesn’t have to do with in game practice, but if you haven’t already attempted to do the jumping puzzle in the practice range, I highly recommend you at least give it a shot. The truth is, you should at least be able to get through the first half of the jumping puzzle, relatively easily, and if you can’t you may want to give it some more practice.

Being able to to confidently master your movement will really help you with overall mouse control, and pick up your pace in games so you’re not constantly walking around looking like a bot. Moving on though, another thing I noticed from our friend Scream, is that he seems to like to force up on 3rd round, rather than playing for a bonus. It’s not like they just leave the Spectre on the ground, Scream gives it to his allied Sage, but I mainly just want to point out the effort made to keep his team ahead. If they all just try to Eco here, although it might be the most efficient move, it also risks hurting their momentum on offense, which is generally not something that you want to do.

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