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Why Most Valorant Players NEVER Rank Up


we’re gonna be talking about why you will never rank up this is the number one reason that no matter how much you play you just can’t seem to just get better and climband it’s the passivity the lack of confidence the inability to push in tldr you’re playing like a and let’s tell you how to fix that now let’s go back to that topic now what do i mean by your playing too passive and how is that actually hurting you well this is actually true for every single role i’m not talking about entering on duelist i’m talking about players consistently especially in the ranks lower than the platinum rank.

they do not want to take fights at all you see the vast majority of fights would actually be won if people just swung together and to prove my point how many times have you seen an enemy you killed them and instantly afterwards someone swung you and you died well that’s because there’s a number of different factors that can make it much harder for you to get the progressive kill especially if the time between both engagements is almost simultaneously but many times people are playing or baiting or just not confident and they don’t take these engagements a lot of times people also hide on the site they’ll play off their utilities sure but they’ll never actually peak sidelines peak the enemy or try to take duels at all essentially.

you’re playing overly safe and playing safe will let you not throw but it will never let you carry you’re gonna have like a 50 win rate because you’re just doing your job but every time you go up against someone where you’re like that person’s a smurf or that person is dominating if it wasn’t for them we would have won that person has consistently gone up against a disadvantage and won anyways because they are not playing overly safe now this is something that is incredibly important for you to understand when you are developing as a player you should be trying to make plays often because this is going to do this thing called limit test to you what i mean by this is you should be consistently trying to push the bounds of what you think you can do you should be consistently trying to push your own limits so that you could potentially clutch up more and more.


now a lot of times when you’re limit testing you might actually go for a play that on paper might not be the smartest thing however it helps you develop really rapidly and you gotta remember that if you can become a consistent clutch master if you can really push your skill limit to the absolute brink and beyond you’re gonna be winning all the games in the future anyway so it’s not about the moment it’s about developing yourself so that you become better in the future this means trying to go for things like 1v3s and not just saving your gun because you don’t think that you can actually clutch or you’re not confident in your ability to do so ultimately something that you need to understand is that you cannot clutch.

if you never try and by consistently trying and pushing it you’re gonna be actually pulling off some clutches that you never thought possible now something that you should actually do to make clutches happen more often is play he odds and this is something that is extremely important for you as you develop as a player and as you try to become a clutch god something you need to do is one make reads about where enemies are what they’re doing and two document your results after the fact something that you see a lot of pro players do is they’ll go onto site and they’ll peek at and go kill someone and then they’ll instantly flick to another angle and oftentimes.

it’s like they knew that an enemy was there now did they actually know not really but they knew several places the enemy wasn’t and they knew that the enemy would likely be playing off each other so they were ready for and that’s making reads and playing the odds sometimes also you’re gonna have to be put in a situation.

where you have no choice but to play the odds you have no choice but to kill an enemy and then try to stick to the half and potentially try to kill the last person and make a read about where they’re from now every single time you’re right and wrong you should be documenting these results because that’s what you can do in the future you could say hey that person wasn’t where i thought they were why is that the case.

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were they doing something just weird or did i make a bad read was there a little bit of information that i missed that told me that they weren’t where i thought they wereand that is how you start improving at your odds and your reads and it’s just going to be a lot easier for you to clutch in the future now another thing that you need to understand is as your mechanics and other factors improve so will your limits the limit testing is going to go even further as you develop more mechanical skill you can hit shots more you understand the matchups more game sense being able to play around defuses and things like that this is going to not only stretch your limits even further but with limit testing your mechanics game sense is automatically going to improve more than normal as well the last thing.

that you really need to do that we talked about is know how things go when you’re limit testing if you went in for a 1v3 how did it go did you get two of them and died of the last one did you run out of bullets with your first two kills and die did you try to reload and get swung on what went wrong when you were trying to clutch and what could you have done next time to actually try to win that maybe you just wasted far too much ammo trying to wall bang and you’re like hey, i need to be more conscious of my ammo here because if i’m in a similar situation if i would have had a little bit more ammo i would actually want or hey maybe i should have saved my abilities earlier on wasting them on corners that really i shouldn’t have been challenging with like a flash so i could have used it to take space on point these little things can add up to developing yourself incredibly quickly as a player but if you always just play passive all the damn time you’re never going to actually have these situations you’re never going to know when you could have been the one to clutch and most importantly you’re never going to freaking rank up so it’s incredibly important but definitely let me know if you have any comments or questions down below.

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