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Why you should NEVER surrender in VALORANT…


  • First of all comeback is possible. Second even if you don’t have a comeback you still can win few rounds, make the lose smaller, get more kills and have a smaller decrease. I don’t understand people who surrender, especially when its like 4-0 and they write in chat “we should ff”.
  • It’s a game. If its 0-8 and my teammates are raging at each other or trolling I’m more than happy to be done with it and move on. I bust my ass at work (and after) all day. I don’t really feel the need to force myself (or teammates) through a frustrating game when I can just move on to the next one / be done for the day.The only consequence to a FF is a lost game, sure it hurts my rank a little bit, but I play to have fun and improve not for my rank.
  • Never surrender if you’re confident you can win out at least try to win, statement doesn’t work when there’s a cheater on the other team and there’s nothing we can do other than report and get no feedback from it if they’ve been banned or not.
  • In a unrated I do surrender but only if the game isent any fun and my team agrees and I always try to switch up strategies first. In comp I never surrender just because of the rating loss bs well maybe if I’m met with extreme toxicity and trolling I will just to save time from a bad place. There is a time and place to surrender but never the defeatist bs of people who go crzy after losing two times.

    Had a near comeback of enemy team yesterday. They did a strat my team just couldnt beat with their playstyle. We kept losing and losing while we were like 11-3 then it was 11-10 and I knew exactly what they were doing so I told our too fragger to come with me and we flanked then from the side and they never expected it, destroyed them afterwards. Also a good feeling although that must really suck for the enemy team but if they countered us again we would have been in serious trouble.

  • To be honest its not people that give up. It just their thinking way. Also good for you that some in ur rank plays good. My rank people cant even aim properly and aim at ground, dont check corners etc. But can help i dont give up. Its just the others start to throw for some reason.

Tell me why you should NEVER surrender in VALORANT in Comments.


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